In late October of 2023, Ganesh Ramsaran was back in court where he was handed a new sentence after admitting guilt to the murder of his wife Jennifer. In this multi part series, we'll explore the events leading up to the recent sentencing, as well as all of the strange twists and turns the case presented. Part 1 can be found here.

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Investigation Underway

During the investigation, the authorities discovered that Remy brought his kids to school and returned home right around 8:15am. At that time, Jennifer was still in bed, playing a video game. It was at this point that Remy hit Jennifer over the head with a blunt object. Remy took her body from the bedroom to her van, and drove to Pharsalia where it was dumped on the side of the road. Just before 1pm, Remy showed up in Norwich at the YMCA.

Justice for Jennifer Ramsaran via Facebook
Justice for Jennifer Ramsaran via Facebook

Based on mostly circumstantial evidence, Remy was arrested on a second degree murder charge. Investigators pointed to an alleged affair that Remy was having with Eileen Sayles, who also happened to be Jennifer Ramsaran's best friend. Concurrently, before her death, Remy had taken out a $200,000 life insurance policy through IBM, his workplace, in Jennifer's name. It seems that Remy wanted to leave his wife in favor of Eileen. In a conversation with a close friend, Remy disclosed that he believed there was no way Jennifer would get custody of the children. This could be seen as a motive. Curiously, Jennifer's phone was found by Remy, not the police, and his alibi could not be corroborated. Despite Remy acting like a concerned and distraught husband, authorities began to see through the show.

Evidence Comes to Light

Also, during the investigation, blood was found on the bed in which Jennifer and Remy slept, and where she was when she took a blow to the head. Blood was also found on the sweatshirt Remy had worn that day. Once finished at the YMCA, Remy called Eileen Sayles for a ride. Sayles claimed that Remy used every opportunity he could to hook up with her, but not that fateful December day. Eileen supported Remy during the initial stages of the investigation and trial, but quickly changed her mind when he began speaking in court.

Stay tuned! Next week we'll get into the initial trial, bribery, a crooked lawyer, and a new sentence for Remy Ramsaran.

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