Yesterday was National Cheese Day.  I don't know about you, but I can't imagine my life without cheese!  I'm always impressed with vegans for saying "no" to cheese because there are so many varieties and cheese is so good with almost EVERYTHING!

After a poll on the WZOZ 1031 facebook page asking people "Best cheese ever?", the results are in...American was NOT the favorite.  It turns out "Cheddar is best!"

Now I know that our poll is not exactly very official so I would like to share the results of a cheesy poll of 1000 adults (pun intended) by and here's what people had to say...

17% of Americans surveyed say cheddar is their favorite kind of cheese—only 14% selecting American—which apparently originated in a village named Cheddar. How ironic!  Right behind Chedder as the favorite are: Mozzarella (15%),  American (14%), : Pepper Jack (11%), and then along comes Provolone (8%).

Which cheeses did people like least?
Blue (25%)
Limburger (17%)
Goat (16%)
American (13%)
Swiss (8%)

Personally, I like Pepper Jack the best and I have to say there's NO getting past the smell of Limburger cheese to even try it!  Almost everything tastes better with cheese, especially Italian dishes.  Bon appetite fellow cheese lovers!

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