After much anticipation, Aerosmith has released the video for ‘Legendary Child,’ the first single from their upcoming album ‘Music from Another Dimension.’ The clip turns out to be the first of what promises to be a multi-part story featuring a rolling-skating young female hero.

After a spoken introduction that explains our young heroine will be battling villains representing the lawyers, record label folks and other jerks the band has had to overcome over their long career, the video toggles back and forth between the woman’s adventures and footage of Steven Tyler and company performing the song on a futuristic-looking soundstage.

The band scenes feature Aerosmith in typically charismatic and rocking form; there’s not much new to say about this portion except that it certainly gets the job done. Not to spoil anything for you, but by using a combination of skating skills, guile — and most importantly, some sort of cosmic lightning punch straight out of ‘Scott Pilgrim’ — our protagonist manages to emerge victorious. More importantly, ‘Legendary Child’ continues to sound like a worthy introduction to the throwback album the band’s been promising us for what seems like years now. Here’s looking forward to November.

Watch Aerosmith’s ‘Legendary Child’ Video

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