Here's a miracle story with a lesson so pay attention pet owners.  This is a true story about Shorty, a 15 year old dog who was found 735 miles away from his home after surviving hurricane Katrina and who knows what else.

He traveled all the way from Louisiana to Kannapolis, North Carolina, looking a bit worse for wear .  He was found wandering the streets and was then taken to a local animal hospital where doctors discovered that he had a identification microchip.    Lucky for Shorty, he will now be reunited with his owner all thanks to good survivor skills and that microchip.

If you're a pet owner and are considering a microchip for your dog or cat, then maybe this story will convince you to get it done.  After all, you never know when your pet is going to go missing, especially the ones that love to escape for a bit of fresh air and exercise.

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