73% of teachers nationwide say no to in-person classes this fall. 66% of New York teachers agree.

School is set to start for the vast majority of Americans children. To ensure the safe reopening of schools, administrators have spent the summer implementing policies and procedures that promote social distancing and prevent the spread of disease. However, a recent uptick in Coronavirus cases nationally has many teachers, as well as faculty and staff, questioning how safe it is to return.

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With the recent controversy surrounding a full reopening of schools, a recent survey by Fishbowl of more than 5,600 teached showed 73% don't think schools should reopen for in person learning.

In New York, over 65% of the 388 teachers who took the survey, say they think schools should stay closed. Only 34% want in person learning.

North Dakota was the state with the highest percentage of teachers who want their state to reopen schools for in-person classes.

School officials in New York have submitted reopening plans and Governor Cuomo is expected to make an official announcement on whether schools with open in the fall this week.

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