A walking tour of a community can reveal so many interesting facts.  About the homes, businesses, and people who lived there for many, many years.  Upstate New York has a plethora of walking tours available for visitors to enjoy.  Here are 11 great ones.

These include a fascinating tour of a historic Naval warship that saw duty in World War II and is now moored in the Hudson River in Albany.  You can also take a tour of the 1969 Woodstock concert site in Bethel.   The museum there is amazing.    How about taking a peak inside some of the oldest stone houses in North America, and they are right here in the Catskill Mountains!  You will see these and many others in the list below.

We have also included three spooky walking tours.  These have gained in popularity with the advent of the many paranormal television shows now on TV.  These ghost tours are so much fun.  Usually led by a costumed docent, you will learn the spooky doings of the community and find out the real story behind some unexplainable happenings that have taken place in the homes and cemeteries across upstate New York.  Scary, spooky, eerie, and always a great time.  Especially the candlelit tours at night!

We hope you will look over these tours, pack your walking shoes, and head out on some of the most unique and special tours you can take this summer.

11 of the Most Interesting Walking Tours in Upstate New York (Including Three Spooky Ghost Tours)

There are a wide variety of tours one can take in Upstate New York. This list explains 11 of the best, including a tour of a World War II warship, some of the oldest stone houses in North America, a castle in the middle of the Hudson River, the site of the most famous music festival in American history, as well as three great walking ghost tours.

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