What's going on?

Trees Ravaged In Neahwa Park
Recently, as I was enjoying a winter's day walk with my dog in Neahwa Park in Oneonta, I came upon some trees along the creek path that looked they'd been snacked on by a very hungry beaver!
Oneonta DRI Selections Are In
The City of Oneonta is "passing the ball" to New York State when it comes to the Downtown Revitalization Initiative now that Oneonta's Project Selection Committee has made their selections as to which businesses receive funding.
Winter Carnival Is This Weekend
Going way back to my childhood and trust me, that was a long time ago, I have always had great memories of the Cooperstown Winter Carnival, a long-standing tradition in the beautiful village that continues as an annual event this coming weekend.
Leslie Ann's Superbowl Recap
I'm fairly certain, there's nothing hyped more in the world of entertainment than the Superbowl. Between pre-game sports analysis to commercials, to the half-time show, it's all way over-the-top, always leaving me with the thought "That's it...
Adopting Cats With Feline Leukemia
I think when most of us hear the term Feline Leukemia, we think, "I sure don't want to adopt a cat with that!", not really knowing what that necessarily means, just thinking the worst.