What's going on?

A Great Local Photo Op!
If you love the sunflower field outside of Laurens on Route 205, then you'll also enjoy another feast for the eyes: a beautiful field of lavendar
Eat Drink Cooperstown Coming!
We're coming up on Fall quickly and here's an event sure to please your palate: Eat Drink Cooperstown on October 6th in Cooperstown.
OPD Warn About Car Break-ins
'Tis the season for cars being broken into in Oneonta, NY. The reason? It's simple: the weather is warm and people are out causing mischief.
What I Love About Small-towns
Every time I travel, I come back home to Oneonta, and I'm always reminded of not just the beauty of our Central New York region, but also the enjoyable culture of small town living.
Oneonta More Bicycle Friendly
If you are a bicycling enthusiast but feel that Oneonta, NY is not exactly the most bicycle-friendly place, then you'll be happy to know that the City of Oneonta Parks And Recreation have been working to make it safer
Bring Back Oneonta Theatre Marquee
if you grew up in Oneonta or you've lived here for at least five years, you have enjoyed the Oneonta Theatre on Chestnut Street in some way.
Oneonta Park You Use Most?
Oneonta boasts more parks than you may realize. If we include the Town of Oneonta, then you'll have five parks to choose from!
Oneonta Theatre Survey
The Oneonta Theatre which dates back to 1897 and is on the National Register of Historic Places has seen it glory days and it's dark days on Chestnut Street.
CANO Winners Revealed!
This past Saturday, Downtown Oneonta was alive with the sound of great music, the delicious aroma of Jamaican barbecue, and the colorful sights of art of all genres
A Laurens Wonder Is A Must-See!
Yesterday, my family and I were on a day trip and came upon a gorgeous feast for the eyes that many people have been posting about on Facebook!
Beer Fetching Robot?
Imagine that you come home from a long day at work, flop down in your favorite comfy chair and get handed a nice cold beer. Sounds ideal right?
Eels, Snakes, & Cougars Here!
Is it me or do we keep hearing about non-indigenous critters being discovered in Otsego County that we didn't know were here?
Speed Crackdown Week
Do you have a lead foot? It's a good time to lighten up on the gas peddle of your vehicle because starting today, police officers throughout New York State will be looking for speeders on state and local roadways.
'Murphy Brown' Is Returning
One of my favorite TV shows from back in the day was CBS' "Murphy Brown" starring Candice Bergen as an investigative journalist and news anchor for FYI, a news magazine TV show.
Mayor Herzig Responds To Rant
This morning, Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig came in to talk to my radio listeners in response to my sidewalk rant from last week.
Longest Road Project!
For anyone who has ever traveled on I-81 in Binghamton, NY, you know that there has been a road/bridge building project going on for YEARS on that road.
Oneonta Sidewalks Eyesore
In front of our Townsquare Media studios at 34 Chestnut Street in Oneonta yesterday, there was a crew filling sidewalk potholes (not cracks) with ugly blacktop fill.
How Do you Wake Up?
It wasn't that long ago that the only choice you had for an alarm clock to wake up in the morning was a wind-up alarm clock with obnoxious dinging bells that would practically give you a heart-attack upon going off.
Severe Thunderstorm Friday
The rain we've been experiencing this week has been a blessing in terms of raising the Central New York water table but also brings with it flash flood potential and possible dangerous thunderstorms.