Grandparents,  they are so wonderful for kids, not so much for the parents of kids since they LOVE to spoil their Grandchildren with ridiculous, annoying gifts. 

My mother even said that it was a Grandparents' right to spoil the Grandchildren.  I think that concept actually keeps them going.  They couldn't do it with their own children, otherwise they'd turn out bratty and wanting the moon, but hey, it's open season on the Grandkids!

In my opinion, here are the most annoying gifts my kids have received:
(I think it's the parents way of paying back their adult children for bad childhood behavior)

  • ANY form of a crazy straw (as shown above): they become obsessed with it during meals and the beverage goes all over the table and floor.  At least the one my son is wearing in the picture above gave me a few laughs and then of course, guess where all the water ended up?
  • Sweet treats: Grandparents are always pumping the kids full of sugar and then sending them home.  NOT FAIR!
  • Giant sized toys: where the heck are we supposed to put this stuff?
  • Noisy toys: apparently, when it comes to what Grandparents buy, noisier is better.  Sometimes, we just don't have the right batteries (hint, hint)

Below, see a video of just the type of annoying toy that Grandparents love to buy for their Grandchildren.