I read in the news today that Norman Sas, the man who invented Electric Football, has died at the age of 87. Did you own one?   Our very own Eric Malanaski told me this morning that he had one as a kid and played with it all the time.  He described it this way:  There were  plastic figures which you placed in position on the metal playing field, then flicked a switch. The metal would vibrate and the "players" would rumble all over and, once in a great while, the figure holding the tiny football (you had to place the cheesy little foam footfall in the players hands) would cross into one of the end zones.

Sas invented Electric Football in 1948 and introduced it a year later. But the game didn't take off for nearly two more decades, until Sas signed a deal with NFL Properties in 1967. After that, Electric Football was under Christmas trees across the country.

I myself did not own Electric Football but I did have a Coleco NHL Table Top Hockey game which my brother and I spent many hours playing.  It was pretty archaic with cardboard cut out players that attached to metal rods that you could turn and swing the player back and forth so that they could hit the tiny wooden puck.  And there was always a spot behind the net where the players couldn't quite reach.  What was your favorite game as a kid?