I've always loved the IDEA of riding on amusement park rides but the reality is quite different.  Even when I was a kid, I had to carefully pick and choose rides that wouldn't make me nauseous.  Not an easy task and almost impossible now that I'm in my 40's.  The body certainly gets less tolerant as we age.

During the summer we are lucky enough to enjoy 4 county fairs less than an hour from Oneonta.  Today, the Otsego County Fair in Morris begins and that was the only fair I ever went to as a kid.  Now, with my own kids we try to go to a different county fairs in the area and I have noticed that many of the same rides I enjoyed as a kid still exist, although there are some new, very vomit inducing looking rides.  Every once in a while, my kids will beg me to go on a certain ride with them and I give in, usually to my stomach's dismay afterward.

I have created a list of rides that may or may not look fairly innocent but trust me they are not!  Here are my top vomit rides:

1. The Swings (pictured above). We all think of swings as being a little kid ride and no big deal. I assure you, they look innocent but if you have a weak stomach, you will start to feel awful as soon as you start going around. And by the way, that ride seems to go on forever.

2. The Zipper: This looks as yucky as it really is. Do the math.

3. The Pirate Ship: This one may not go around and around but I will tell you that the back and forth is just as bad. You feel like your stomach is in your mouth the whole time.

4. The Roundup: This ride doesn’t pretend to be a feel good ride. You are stuck to a wall that’s spinning round and round. Blah!

5. Tornado simulator: I’m not sure of the exact name of this one but it’s sort of like a fun house that simulates you being in a tornado. It’s very dark and as you walk through the rooms, you experience visual images that spin and make you feel like you are spinning too. It’s AWFUL! I almost couldn’t walk through this one because of major vertigo. I had to close my eyes and feel my way through to the end of it. I wouldn’t recommend this one to anyone unless you love feeling disoriented and sick.