Technology has advanced so quickly that it is difficult to remember a time before Smartphones, the Internet and automobiles that can think and sometimes drive for you. Imagine a day when your car can tell if you have had too much to drink or even if you are too tired to drive. That day may not be too far off.

According to CBS6 Albany, a bill was recently passed in the Senate that is designed to allocate a whole lot of money toward fixing our roads and bridges. Somewhere in the middle of this plan, in the not-so-small print, is an excerpt that states that the vehicles we purchase in 2027 would be required to contain alcohol monitoring systems. In other words, your car could decide whether you are fit to drive or not.

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Time Magazine reports that the government is suggesting that it would be required for new vehicles to come equipped with technology that has the potential to prevent drunk driving. That could be Breathalyzer, eye scans or infrared touch tests. The results of which would either allow you to start the car or would prevent you from doing so.

Politicians from both sides agree that something needs to be done in an attempt to eliminate deaths caused by impaired drivers. Some experts claim these Breathalyzer-equipped vehicles could cut out one-third of those deaths. recognized that Tesla Vision, developed by Elon Musk, will soon be able to know when another vehicle puts on its turn signal and hazard lights. This technology would also be able to detect police and ambulance lights and even hand gestures. So perhaps having eye scans and Breathalyzer in the new 2027 car that you buy makes sense.

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