Yes have released a 30th-anniversary deluxe box set featuring concert recordings from their 1991 Union tour.

The collection, which is available for purchasing now, includes a multi-camera-shot DVD with an accompanying soundtrack mixed by Trevor Rabin, as well as fan recordings, desk tapes and radio broadcasts.

The video footage will be of most interest to collectors. "These will be included with the main program as a way for the band to combat this highly bootlegged tour, where some fans are paying in excess of $70 per show from various Japanese websites," reads a statement on the band's website.

You can watch a trailer for the new set below.

Released in 1991, Union was anything but that. The project featured the work of two separate band lineups: one under the name Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (ABWH), consisting of Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford, Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe, and another under the original Yes name and consisting of Rabin, Chris Squire, Tony Kaye and Alan White. Both were at work on separate LPs when the eight musicians signed with the same label; a selection of songs were taken from each group's work and compiled onto one album: Union.

Even though the record did well commercially and was received by fans, the band members were largely unhappy with the finished product. “The problem was that we were three-quarters of a way through an album," keyboardist Wakeman told Rolling Stone in 2019. "They were three-quarters of a way through an album. So, the album was given to a guy who shouldn’t even be allowed a food mixer, let alone an album. He did the most dreadful job on the Union album. When I heard it, I couldn’t believe it. It was early days of sequencers, and I was like, ‘I never played that.’"

Despite all that, the subsequent tour proved to be a fruitful experience for both the artists and their fans. "It has been well-documented that I loathed the Union studio album, as the whole project was taken out of our hands and destroyed by those handed the responsibility for finishing it off," Wakeman said in a statement posted alongside the box sale. "However, the Union Tour was another matter. Probably the most amazing and enjoyable tour I have ever been on with Yes, and I am so glad it was recorded and filmed, as it was an incredibly special time that can never be repeated."

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