Are you one of those Do-It-Yourself home improvement project kind of person? I know many people who decided to "give it a shot" when the pandemic began and tried to make home repairs around the house since they were stuck at home anyway.

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The closest thing that I got to "Do It Myself" was fixing a clogged sink and I'm using the word "fixing" loosely. I watched a YouTube video and then proceeded to let the water go everywhere when I loosened the elbow-shaped pipe under the sink.

That's why I let the professionals do it. In fact, a contractor buddy of mine told me that he's been kept busy for the last year and a half by fixing other people's home repair projects.

Have you ever tried to fix a leaky toilet? The reason I bring it up is that October is "National Tiolet Tank Repair" month as they are raising awareness on the amount of water that is wasted by a leaky toilet.

Wasted Water By Leaky Toilets

According to On The House, toilet flushing accounts for over 1/3rd of the water that we use in our house. They also say that around 80,000 gallons of water per year is wasted by leaking toilets.

You could fill two swimming pools in your backyard with 80,000 gallons. If you are a DIY guy (or girl) and want to fix it yourself, then go here to get some hints to find out what could be wrong with your toilet and how to fix it.

As for me, I'm going to save water, time, and more importantly my dignity by calling my favorite contractor and have it done right the first time. I think of it as my way of helping the local economy. That's right, I'm shopping local.

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