It sure isn't anything like Kokomo, but seeing Brian Wilson will sure give you good vibrations when he comes to Upstate New York.

Not in Aruba or Jamaica. But ooh, you'll want to giddy-up in a 409 to see Brian Wilson. I'll stop the song references. Plus, I doubt you have a 1961 Chevrolet Impala with a 409 big block. With all that said, the Beach Boys iconic lead singer will be making two stops on a tour later this year in the Upstate region of the Empire State.

If you want to see him, the Rock n Roll Hall of Famer will be performing all of his greatest hits in Rochester and Albany. In Rochester, mark the date of Sunday, October 10th at the Kodak Center. For the Albany show, you can see him Tuesday, October 12th at the Palace Theater. He won't be alone for either show.

While the original lineup from the 1960s Beach Boys won't be there with Wilson, Al Jardine will be. Jardine is another founder of the band and plays guitar next to Wilson on the piano. They both share vocals. Also coming will be Blondie Chaplin who had a short run with the Beach Boys in the 1970s.

Tickets for the show can be found here, they are on sale July 23rd..

What's the best song by the Beach Boys? For me, I would easily say "California Girls". One of the reasons that is my favorite Beach Boys tune is because so many have covered it. Including David Lee Roth in the 1980s. Check out some other iconic covers of famous rock songs below.

The 40 Best Cover Songs by Rock Bands

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