As we’re now in mid-November, we’re closing in on the planned Christmas release of Wonder Woman 1984, featuring the return of Gal Gadot as the DC Comics superhero. But we’ve approached Wonder Woman 1984’s release date before. So far, it’s been delayed on three different occasions during the coronavirus pandemic — from June to August to October and then to late December. Is it finally going to come out this time?

Maybe. According to Variety, Warner Bros. still hasn’t decided the film’s final fate, and are “considering whether to push the highly anticipated superhero sequel to the summer of 2021, or keep the movie on its Dec. 25 theatrical debut and then put it on the HBO Max streaming service in early January.”

Either way, you can be sure that Wonder Woman 1984 will not go straight to streaming, and will premiere in theaters at some time and place. But as Variety’s report suggests, that theatrical release could be brief before the movie lands on HBO Max, where it would be a big-ticket item for the new streaming service at a time when it faces stiff competition from Netflix, Disney+, and others.

Still, HBO Max’s gain would mean a big loss for theaters and potentially for Warner Bros.’ bottom line, since the film was expected to generate hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office before Covid-19 wrecked the theatrical movie business. For now, Wonder Woman 1984 is still scheduled to open in theaters on Christmas Day.

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