If you’re someone who likes to see ladies flash a lot of leg in miniskirts, find a pack of 23-year-old girls. A new study says that’s the age at which a woman’s skirts are shortest.

UK department store Debenhams recently did a survey and found that while teenagers love minis, they usually don’t get their first one until they’re 16 years old. Their favorite skirt length then is 14 inches.

By the time those girls are 20, hemlines creep up again as they hit nightclubs and enjoy the single life, with 23-year-olds often sporting skirts just 12.5 inches long. They get a bit longer as the ladies start to settle down, but unattached women keep them short until they’re in their mid-30s or even their early 40s.

But by age 49, the party seems to be over (or good taste has set in, take your pick) because that’s when hemlines drop below the knee, with over-60s preferring maxi-skirts at least 32 inches long. But since maxis are hot this season, even much younger women are sporting them now.

Fashion experts say if you have the legs, it’s perfectly okay to show them off — but that means you should cover up elsewhere. As one stylist put it, “Either show legs or cleavage, never both at the same time.”

Sorry, fellas.

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