The last full week of September is "National Dog Week."It's a way to bring attention to man's best friend and to educate dog owners. I'll let you in on a secret, part of a man's education is to know the best kind of dog to help men attract a woman.

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There are certain names you shouldn't call your dog and I'll give you those at the end but first, the kind of dog you own can say a lot about your chances with the ladies.

Top Dogs To Help A Man Attract A Women (In Alphabetical order)

Beagle. When I think of a beagle, I think about the dogs that I had at home when I was growing up in Warren Center. They were rabbit dogs, they weren't great at finding the bunnies but it was fun going out into the field.

I also think of Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Charlie was the sensitive underdog and you can be the sensitive guy with a Beagle.

Border Collie. One of my best friends owned a Border Collie. He was a very smart dog and could do just about anything. They can catch Frisbees and deliver a rost to a lovely lady.

They are not too big to scare a lady off and they are soft to the touch (the dog) and a woman just has to pet a Border Collie.

Dalmation. When I think of a Dalmation, I think of the Disney movie and the fire station. Any dog that hands out with firemen is a sure bet with the ladies. The dog is a born hero.

Greyhound. I have several friends that have Greyhounds. Many of these sleek-looking dogs need rescuing, so you'll score some serious points with a member of the opposite sex.

Golden Retriever. They are easy to train and they have a strong character. They are outgoing and devoted to everyone. They can also be very protective, this dog is every woman's dream.

Labrador Retriever. They are playful and loving. Put a bandanna on one and it'll be an instant lady magnet.

Mutt. I've also owned my share of mutts and I love them. The Mutt is a natural conversation starter. How many times have you seen a mutt and said "What kind of dog is that?"

When you own a mutt, you are showing everyone that substance matters, and you're not shallow. The mutt owner knows the dog is unique and one of a kind.

Names That You Shouldn't Give Your Dog

After (Here After)

Kitty (Here Kitty, Kitty) If the dog is smart, it'll bite you

Naked. Things can get uncomfortable real quick if you tell your friends that you walked naked down the street.

Que-Leeze (Here, Que-Leese)

Stay (Here Stay), talk about confusing the dog.

Now This Is A Great Name For A Dog:

5 Miles. I'm going to name my next dog, 5 Miles because that way I can tell everybody that I walked 5 Miles today.

Did your dog not make this list? No worries, you can see how smart your dog is below

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