While I am not the biggest baseball fan in the world, I did enjoy the Brooklyn Dodgers, then the L.A. Dodgers and finally the N.Y. Mets.  Of course the Amazing Mets are on a a rip this year and that is exciting.  But is also has some people remembering the great Gil Hodges who played for the Dodgers and later managed the Mets.

Why is he not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

I do not profess to know, so I am looking for the experts in my readership to weigh in on this.  Look at the mural on top and you can see many of Gil's achievements.  One that they did not list is his heroic game on August 31, 1950.  The Dodgers were playing the Boston Braves.  Gil hit four home runs in that game.  Sports Illustrated calls that feat "baseball's greatest single-game achievement."  Only a dozen players in the modern era have done this including Lou Gehrig, Willie Mays and Mike Schmidt.  And Gil.

He was an 8 time All Star, wore three World Series rings and led the Miracle Mets to their upset championship in 1969.

He died at age 49.

So, I am looking for answers.  Are there worse players than Gil in the Hall?  Why is Gil Hodges NOT in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

I look forward to your input.



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