By Jaclynn LoGatto (Townsquare Media Oneonta Intern)

Fall is finally here!  I've always been a huge fan of the fall season for many reasons. It's not too hot, it's not too cold, and the planet shows its naturally occurring artistic abilities in various ways. Leaves crunch and change, the wind begins to whisper, and sports as well as other activities return!

As a college student, fall usually means starting to cram for midterms, starting projects, and freaking out over the amount of work on our plates. However, all of the natural signs of fall approaching personally gives me comfort. The changing colors of the leaves, especially here in Oneonta, offer an easing and relaxing atmosphere that definitely helps to decrease the stress of the sometimes-overwhelming workload that comes along with fall.

The cooling temperatures in addition to the change in atmosphere enables a feeling of relaxation as well. With cooler weather comes a better quality of sleep, which is extremely important in the lives of everyone, like employers, employees, and college students! It lets us escape the sometimes extreme heat of summer, and brings us into a more active lifestyle (since the heat goes away). Dropping temperatures also allow for warmer, and comfier, clothes. This is extremely exciting for me because I adore feeling snug, warm, and relaxed in any type of situation. Whether I'm hanging out with friends, working on an assignment, or studying for an exam, comfort helps me unwind and focus on my responsibilities.

Fall also brings about the excitement for holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. The spooky, eerie feeling that surrounds October is magnified by all forms of entertainment. A lot of TV stations start to play scary shows such as The X Files and American Horror Story, and horror movies begin to play both on TV and in theaters. Being a huge horror fan myself, I always look forward to watching a genuinely good scary movie. After Halloween passes, everyone seems to start craving the classic Thanksgiving foods. I know I anticipate Thanksgiving every year, specifically for the turkey, so as the season gets closer, I become more and more excited. To me, nothing's better than being surrounded by family and loved ones with delicious food!

Overall, I'm very excited that fall finally arrived. It's my favorite season, and I just love all of the natural benefits that come along with it. Hopefully it's a great season for everyone. Not to mention that drinking hot apple cider and jumping into a pile of leaves is fun for any age group. Cheers to fall!

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