They don't look like it, but this is actually a classic rock super group.  Can you name the band? 

It's the Eagles, who formed in Los Angeles, California with members Glenn Frey (played with Linda Ronstadt), Don Henley (played with Linda Ronstadt), Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner (founded Poco).  Later on, they acquired some different members: guitarist Don Felder was added in 1975, Joe Walsh replaced Leadon in 1976,  then in '77, Timothy B. Schmit replaced Meisner.  FIY, Glenn Frey and Don Henley are the only members of the Eagles to play on all recordings.

If you've ever wondered how the band came up with the "Eagles" name then you'll be interested to know that according to Eaglesonlinecentral, it was chosen for many reasons: the group like the name's association with Western mythology, freedom, Americana, oh and according to Glenn Frey, it sounded like the name of a sports team or a gang which appealed to him. If you want to find out other cool facts CLICK HERE.

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