In Baldwinsville, New York, near Syracuse there is a 5-mile stretch of road cutting through the woods, that is said to be so haunted it's closed at night.

Legends say evil groups come out at night to meet on Whiskey Hollow Road. The KKK and Satan worshippers are said to have claimed a mile-long stretch in the middle of the road where many racial killings and Satanic sacrifices are rumored to have taken place in the remote woods. Many of those victims were children, whose spirits still remain.

Some claim they have run into ghosts of the small children wandering the road, while others have seen a bloody children’s blanket hanging in the trees.

L. Krash is one of those people. She grew up just outside of Syracuse and visited Whiskey Hollow road a number of times during his high school years.

Guys in my school used to drive us down the road to try to scare us. They would tell us about kids who were hung in the trees, and how you could see rope burns in the limbs from the hangings.

Krash says she never saw anything, until her junior year, when she dared the boy she was dating to get out of the car. When he did, he saw something that had him running back to the car - a four-foot-wide circle of different animal bones, stripped of all fur, all skin, all muscle.

I know enough about nature to know that there’s no way a number of different species are going to get together to die within a four-foot circle. And there’s no way those animals are all going to stay undisturbed by scavengers long enough to have all the material decompose completely off of their bones.

The experience had Krash recalling all the stories she'd heard over the years about Satan worshippers doing rituals. She never made anyone get out of the car as a joke again.

Krash isn't alone. "I grew up out by Whiskey Hollow, and there is an odd feeling out there especially when I bring the dog along and he whimpers just staring into the woods," the Hurley said on Reddit.

"There are definitely some weird vibes on that road that I don’t feel anywhere else in surrounding areas," said Jimmy C.

In 2012, Baldwinsville students created a Whiskey Hollow movie on the famous legend.

A number of ghost hunters have traveled one of the scariest roads in New York state to see what they can find.

Whiskey Hollow Road is now closed to traffic at night.

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