The first Thursday in May is "National Day of Prayer" Day and this year's theme is Pray God's Glory Across the Earth, from Habakkuk 2:14.  With all the uncertainty associated with the coronavirus pandemic, we need it more than ever.

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We need to pray for our country, it's leaders, and probably most importantly for ourselves. Many have lost hope and are concerned about our future. The future of the country, our livelihood, and finances. Let's face it, we are worried about our sanity.

I find that it helps me when I change my focus. I don't focus on the national news, after all, they don't want to inform me, they want to engage me so that I stay tuned in. Some people are so upset with the mainstream media that they are smashing their TVs to protest. If you focus on the fear, you'll die in the frustration.

Are you're looking for a place to pray? Since all the physical locations are closed, you can go on-line for support,  here are a few places that I know of: Bridgewater, Elevation, Living Word, NorthPointe, and Two Rivers. You can also go here to see the National Day of Prayer broadcast.

I've said this before and I have to keep reminding myself of this as we continue during these difficult times, "I've read the book and I know how it ends." If you're a Christian, you win.

I know a really good prayer, that can help you to the winning side, so take some time today and pray. Especially during this time of isolation, it's good to know that you can talk to someone that will listen and not tell everybody else. Someone that has your best interest in mind.

It's not a bad idea to try prayer today...and every day. If you don't like it, you've only lost a little time. If you like it, keep it and you'll have something that'll last an eternity. I say "AMEN" to that.


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