Not everyone experienced the '90s the same way, and people's affinity for the decade will differ depending on who you ask. The general rule of thumb though, is if you grew up in the '90s, it was awesome-- the best music, the best video games, and the best movies. Christmas movies included.

Well, the Google Analytics nerds have done it again: This time they've crunched the numbers to find the most popular '90s Christmas movies by state. Here's their methodology:

CenturyLinkQuote has discovered the most popular ‘90s Christmas movie in every state, so you can enjoy some festive fun this holiday season. To do so, they compiled a list of 60 Christmas movies from the 1990s by referencing various media publications like Bustle and PopSugar. Then, they used Semrush to determine which 15 movies had the most overall search volume. Finally, they put those 15 movies into Google Trends and ranked them by state search volume in 2022.

The Santa Clause took home bragging rights as the most popular in 12 states, but not New York. That honor belongs to:


New York joins 9 other states in naming Home Alone's Big Apple sequel as their favorite '90s Christmas movie. It was the second-most-searched-for movie in the United States.

Home Alone 2 premiered on November 20th, 1992, and was the fourth-highest-grossing film of the year, raking in over $359 million at the box office. It follows the same basic plot formula as the original Home Alone, except... y'know, it's in New York!

Check out the map below to see what other states chose:

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