Fast food: it's almost always delicious, and it almost always leaves you feeling the effects hours later.

That being said, fast food is a staple of American cuisine, and has arguably become even more popular with the pandemic limiting our access to locally-owned restaurants. You know the fast-food staples all too well: the burgers, the fries, the various sizes of chicken tenders, the tacos.

It all sounds so good, and a recent poll showed that most New Yorkers will go to great lengths to keep fast food in their lives on a regular basis.

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New Yorkers Would Go to Great Lengths to Continue Eating Fast Food

The people over at Drug Genius, a database of information prescription drugs and medications, ran a survey that measured Americans' love of fast-food. Specifically, they polled their readers on how many years of their lives they're willing to forgo in order to continue eating fast food regularly.

The results are staggering, as the average New Yorker claimed they would be willing to lose five years off of their life in order to eat fast food freely.

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I guess Empire State residents truly are lovin' it nowadays.

The study also shares that half of Americans will freely ignore health study information about fast food items, while one in four assert that there are health benefits for eating fast food occasionally. Not only that, but when faced with the choice of giving up alcohol or fast food, 60% of those surveyed chose to surrender alcohol.

But, is it just us in New York? Or, does the rest of the country feel the same way?

How Does New York Compare to Neighboring States?

Drug Genius' study also shares the responses from other states around the country. Here are the answers from New York's neighbors, as to how many years their residents are willing to shave off of their lives in order to maintain their fast food consumption:

  • Vermont: 5 years
  • New Jersey: 4 years
  • Pennsylvania: 5 years
  • Connecticut: 6 years
  • Massachusetts: 4 years
  • Rhode Island: 4 years
  • New Hampshire: 4 years

This study provides an incredible commentary on the United States, and our eating habits. That being said, when I see these totals, they don't surprise me all that much.

Plenty of us can say that life in 2022 is stressful. Though COVID-19 rates have dropped considerably, we are still feeling the effects of the coronavirus in many aspects of life. Companies have had to trim budgets and cut ties with employees, leaving many current workers overworked and stressed.

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Without going into too much detail, our society has seen better days across the board, as well.

So, sometimes, a cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate shake just sounds too good to pass up, and as life gets more stressful, comfort food sounds increasingly desirable. Life may become less stressful in coming years, and it may not. Until that happens, however, New Yorkers are going to continue to flock to fast food restaurants.

And you know what, who can really blame them?

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