What Upstate NY Roadside Attraction is Causing People to Drop Their Drawers?

(The answer btw has nothing to do with a former Governor)

Malta, NY is a nice, quiet, upstate town located just 10 minutes from Saratoga, 25 minutes or so from Albany.  Its central location makes it a great place for major corporations to settle,  and Malta has bragging rights to Stewart’s Ice Cream Company, State Farm Insurance, and GlobalFoundries to name a few.

Malta seems like a great place to live, with many fine shops and restaurants and tons of parks for any kind of outdoor recreation.  And one of the more scenic drives you can make is up along Rt. 9P which winds around Saratoga Lake, through Saratoga Springs, and beyond.  It's a beautiful drive, but if you decide to take it, make sure you bring an extra pair of undies.

Because there's something else in Malta that no other city in the Capital Region has: A Panty Tree.  And dozens of women have already blessed it with their pantalettes.

Throngs of thongs


Yes, the same town that is known for spinning us through a thousand roundabouts, now has a place for you to stop, drop, and toss.  I hadn't heard of it until recently, and even when I first learned of it a few weeks ago, I didn't even believe it was real.

Props to Taylor Rao a content provider for Two Buttons Deep who goes by "Buttonista" on their humorous and topical digital platforms.  Rao, determined to find the frillies, held a one-person search party as she traveled to the area where she thought it was.

After a few days searching roadside near Carson's Woodside Tavern, her panty raid paid off.


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