The former Oneonta Ford building which is located on the corner of Chestnut and Market Streets in Oneonta, NY has long posed as an eyesore in Downtown Oneonta.  The owner of the building is the religious group Twelve Tribes.  They operate and own the Yellow Deli across the street from the building in question.

There have been a variety of ideas floating around to address this building which has the potential to become any number of things to attract people to downtown.  The City of Oneonta, with the help of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative money, would like to see this building converted into an Artspace: which includes housing and studio space for artists.  Another proposed idea comes from local resident Johna Peachin.  According to published reports she would like to invest in a beverage center featuring breweries, wineries, and mead-makers. This is certainly all food for thought.  How would Downtown Oneonta best be served by this building?  Of course all ideas are dependent upon Twelve Tribes selling the building.

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