The other morning on way in to work at WZOZ in the pre-dawn darkness, I was driving down Center Street in Oneonta and couldn't help but noticed the extreme illumination in the sky over Hartwick College.  

It was no giant UFO coming for a visit.  I realized quickly that it was the sports stadium lighting causing the brightness.  I had never before noticed them and couldn't help but wonder why they would be turned on at such an hour.  Believe me, not too many people are up at 5 in the morning!

I contacted Hartwick College to find out what was going on with the lights being on so early.  According to the Hartwick College Athletics Department, the lights get turned on for any early morning practices, and evening practices and games. Recently there have been a couple of 5 a.m. practice sessions, but those have been only occasional and generally they don't start until 7 a.m.

The original agreement that was made when Wright Stadium was constructed that was  the stadium lights were not to stay on past 10 p.m. (unless a game went into overtime or there was an unforeseen issue). I guess an early morning start time was not included in the agreement?

Needless to say, there's no cause for alarm.  Aliens are not coming to take over Oneonta.  It just means that if you're a light sleeper and live nearby Hartwick College, once in a while you might need to have an eye mask at the ready for when those lights are lit for an early morning practice.  That way, you aren't fooled into thinking that the sun has risen and you're late for work.


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