By Jaclynn LoGatto (Townsquare Media Intern)

It's the holiday season! The Christmas and holiday joy is returning to the air, which means it's time to start loading up on those gifts for your loved ones. The spirit of the season is epitomized in various ways, including the act of selflessly giving. Trying to get the perfect gifts for my loved ones is extremely important to me. I love seeing my family happy, so getting a gift that will make each member of my family smile when they open it makes me smile. I even get my dogs presents! Every family member is accounted for in my house.

The holidays as well as December in general bring thoughts of spending a lot of time with friends and loved ones to mind. Whether it's cuddling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate with your family and pets, or ice skating or playing in the snow with close friends, the spirit of the season is present. Spending time with my family is essential to maintaining my holiday spirit, so even just watching Christmas specials on TV at home together in our pajamas is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays. To me, nothing is better than staying in and staying warm after a long day of work or activities with the people that matter the most.

Decorating the house in festive lights and filling the air with smells of delicious foods and fire from the fireplace are also a very important aspects of the holiday season to me. When I was younger, my family would have the fire going all the time throughout the winter season. Not only did it add to the comforting atmosphere of my house, but it also brought my family together while decorating, cooking, or just hanging out. To this day, the scent of fire and smoke reminds me of being with my family regardless of where I am which helps me get through the end of the school semester.

I hope everyone has some special, heartwarming memories and aspects of the holiday season that ease the mind and bring joy. Good luck with shopping, and have a great and happy holiday!

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