Over the years, Lenny Monington has been a familiar man in Oneonta, typically seen riding his bicycle around the city, packing quite a load of disposed of bottles and cans that he finds lying around to turn in for deposit. He always gathers as many as he can carry on his bicycle. Riding his 2 wheeled bike has become difficult for Lenny now that he's 74 and some caring community members - Tom Oliver and Lorraine Sanders Brady decided it was time that Lenny upgrades to a more stable and safe 3-wheeled trike to get around on.

After the two searched for a local used one and came up empty, they were contacted by Jenn Dilello from Oneonta Boys and Girls Club who was interested in lending a helping hand to get Lenny a new bike. The club agreed to purchase the bike for Lenny if Sanders Brady could find one to purchase. A local search, unfortunately, turned up no new 3-wheeled bikes for sale so Brady turned to Amazon with the help of her husband, Jim who discovered a Schwinn 3-wheeler.

Lorraine Brady and Lenny Monington Credit: Lorraine Brady
Lorraine Sanders Brady and Lenny Monington (Credit: Lorraine Brady)

After the bike arrived and was assembled, Lenny was asked to meet Sanders Brady and Oliver at the Oneonta Boys and Girls Club to receive a number of bottles and cans that they had collected for his use this past Tuesday afternoon. Wink, wink. Needless to say, Lenny was very surprised when he saw the real reason he was asked to come to the club - to receive his new trike, saying, "You got me!".

Sanders Brady told me "It’s going to take a bit for him (Lenny) to get used to riding the trike, but he will. For now, it is being kept at the club for him to practice on."

Three cheers to Lorraine Sanders Brady, Tom Oliver and the Oneonta Boys and Girls Club for lending a helping hand to an Oneontan in need. That's one of the many things I love about my community - people who care.

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