How many of you are breathing a giant sigh of relief this morning?  I know I am.  I woke up several times last night, listening for wind and rain, and hearing very little to concern me.  At the same time I would note that the power was still on and couldn't help but think "the winds just must be delayed, it's coming".  I didn't get confirmation that the gale force winds of Hurricane Sandy had passed Oneonta by until coming in to the radio station this morning.

Am I sorry that I spent a lot of time preparing for this storm?  I have to say no.  I consider us extremely lucky.  There are many people in Delaware County and some even in Otsego County that still do not have power.  The storm was certainly not as severe as predicted but it could easily have been.  It was a good drill for me and my family on preparing for a storm.  Practice makes perfect right?  I feel it's always better to be over prepared than under prepared.