Neil Young paid a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, adding another surreal duet to his history with the talk show host.

As Young fans and Tonight Show viewers are well aware, Fallon does a pretty good Young impression, and has trotted it out on a number of late-night occasions; in 2014, he even sat in as "Young" for a performance of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" with Crosby, Stills & Nash.

When he appeared on The Tonight Show last year, Young even participated in the bit, doing a duet with "himself" on "Old Man" and joking, "I saw you doing me before, and I always thought it was unbelievable. This is the most I’ve been on TV, ever." Everyone expected them to reunite for Young's latest guest spot, and the duo delivered.

The segment, which you can watch above, finds them performing "Two Neil Youngs on a Tree Stump" together — a riff on the bit James Taylor did during his Tonight Show visit last year, which found him singing on a seesaw with Fallon as a younger version of himself. Wearing matching hats and jackets, the Youngs traded lines like "We're two Neil Youngs sitting on a tree stump / Used to be a tree trunk / But look what we've done / Said the father to the son."

The environmentally minded parody fit in with Young's current reason for making the publicity rounds: his next album, Earth, scheduled to arrive on June 24. "Ninety-eight uninterrupted minutes long, Earth flows as a collection of 13 songs from throughout my life, songs I have written about living here on our planet together," he explained in the press release announcing the new LP. "Our animal kingdom is well represented in the audience as well, and the animals, insects, birds and mammals actually take over the performances of the songs at times."

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