If you caught the U.S. open on Saturday evening and saw the Serena Williams outburst during her match with Naomi Osaka, then chances are you have an opinion about her behavior during and following an argument with umpire Carlos Ramos and tournament referee Brian Earley late in the second set.

I happened to see the whole incident without sound while dining at a restaurant with my family.  It's very interesting to watch and not hear something dramatic unfold.  I couldn't understand the whole situation since I couldn't hear the crowd booing during the closing ceremony as Osaka and Williams were being interviewed and then posing for pictures.  All I could see was a very uncomfortable and teary-eyed Naomi Osaka and an attempt to comfort her by Serena.  It was all very awkward to watch and of course I wanted to know what all the hubbub was about.  Without a doubt, I understood the gist.  Williams was very unhappy about her loss and clearly felt that she had been treated unfairly by the umpire and referee.

Of course, there is talk about it on social media and many are sharing their opinion either against or for Serena's controversial behavior during the tournament.  If you watched it, do you think her behavior was justified or not? Please answer our poll below.

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