Boy, that 'Veronica Mars' movie is really putting its extra Kickstarter cash to work! Most of the casting announcements from the fan-funded feature film adaptation of the teenage private eye drama have revolved around former cast members signing on, or new roles created for the film, but the latest could be the biggest yet. 'This is the End' star James Franco has reportedly joined the cast, but as whom, the marshmallows ask?

According to Zap2It, Franco will continue his meta streak in playing himself for the 'Veronica Mars' feature, currently in production in California. Franco will be one of several celebrities targeted by a hidden camera scam, wherein the perpetrator hides a recording device in a famous home to sell the footage later.

Along with the most recent additions of Ken Marino, Martin Starr, Max Greenfield, Tina Majorino, Ryan Hansen and Krysten Ritter, the ‘Veronica Mars’ movie thus far includes return appearances from Francis Capra (Weevil), Brandon Hillock (Deputy Sacks), Kevin Sheridan (Sean), Jonathan Chesner (Corny), Sam Huntington (Luke), Amanda Noret (Madison), Daran Norris (Cliff), Chris Lowell (Piz), Percy Daggs III (Wallace), Jason Dohring (Logan), Enrico Colantoni (Keith) and of course, Kristen Bell (Veronica).

We'll be on hand to hear what the 'Veronica Mars' crew have to say from their multiple panels at Comic-Con 2013, but in the meantime, what say you? What more celebrities and familiar faces might join the 'Veronica Mars' movie by the time of its debut?

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