What do you think of when the topic of barns comes up? Some may think farms, the countryside, a thing of the past, or maybe great memories from the past.

I grew up in the country but didn't live on a property with a barn. Although, my paternal grandparents had two barns on their property, and my siblings and cousins loved roaming through them wherever we came to visit.

One barn was pretty much a catch-all for old stuff, and the other was a hay barn. Both are long gone. You may have noticed that barns have become very popular these days being refitted as entertainment venues, including weddings, anniversaries, parties, etc.

I think that's a great idea. Over the past few years, I was the DJ for a couple of wedding receptions held in a remodeled barn, one just outside of Montrose, Pennsylvania, and the other just outside of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. Both turned out to be beautiful receptions. Each barn venue was remodeled nicely, and the receptions were a lot of fun.

And barns these days are not just for entertainment venues, some have been turned into Airbnb destinations. There are several dotted throughout New York State. Take a look at a few I found not far from the Binghamton area.

[via Airbnb]

Getaway In A Barn

Getaway In A Barn

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