The United Way of Delaware and Otsego Counties (UWDO), a non-profit organization that financially supports deserving non-profits and programs in the two counties, just wrapped up their 2021 fundraising campaign with a goal of $50,000. The great news is, UWDO surpassed its goal and raised $53,149!

Each year, when the campaign wraps up and the United Way sees how much funding they have raised to give to various community groups, UWDO quickly turns that funding back out into the community to groups chosen to receive it.

It can't be easy to make that decision considering how many organizations could put that funding to great use. It was especially hard this year because for 2022, according to UWDO, there were 14 programs requesting funds equaling more than $92,500. As you can imagine, the UWDO had to carefully prioritize the limited funds for the most community impact. The grant applications for the funding are competitive because all requests for funding can not be filled. Grant recipients must demonstrate quantifiable results of the program funded when all is said and done.

After a careful and thorough review of grant applications, the United Way Board of Directors will be giving out $61,444 in funds to 18 Delaware and Otsego County programs along with initiatives focusing on income, education, and health.

Below is a list of organizations awarded grants from UWDO:

  • The American Red Cross
  • Catholic Charities of Delaware, Otsego, and Schoharie Counties
  • Cooperstown Food Pantry
  • Family Planning of South Central New York
  • The Family Service Association
  • Friends of Recovery of Delaware and Otsego Counties
  • Girls on the Run Central NY
  • Literacy Volunteers
  • Oneonta Teen Center
  • Opportunities For Otsego Inc.
  • Rural Health Network of South Central New York

You can find out more about the funding awarded, just click here.  Find out about all that UWDO does in our two counties at

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