Two area United Way chapters in Central New York have announced plans to merge. This upcoming merger will combine The United Way of Delaware and Otsego Counties  and Chenango United Way.  According to the website, both organizations are committed to continuing their mission in the three counties by supporting each other. There will be some reorganizing between the two agencies but officials ensure that any dollars raised by either group will continue to stay local to support local residents in need.

What does the United Way do?

The mission of the United Way is to have a positive impact in the local counties they serve when it comes to:

Health (helping people with access to affordable healthcare, along with counseling services)
Education (life skills education)
Income Stability

The United Way helps fund community programs through organizations that can demonstrate a need in the areas mentioned above.

For any resident in the tri-county region who needs assistance and is looking for resources, you can call the United Way's information and referral hotline 2-1-1 or you can call the United Way of Chenango at (607) 334-8815. the United Way of Delaware and Otsego Counties is not able to take calls at this time but any information needed can be found through the United Way of Chenango office.

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