Have you ever experienced something unexplainable?  Maybe, when you walked into a building you felt unsettled or creeped out but couldn't explain why. Today's the day to tell your paranormal story so I'm going to tell mine.  I've heard many great ghost stories over the years, most of them from originating from local houses or buildings and my ghostly encounter took place at a friend's house in Oneonta.

I was attending a gathering of friends and minding my own business.  Quite suddenly, after being in the house for about fifteen minutes, the face of a man entered my mind's eye, which is to say, in my head.  I didn't see this figure in front of me like many people report.  This guy entered my head.  Yikes!  He wasn't friendly either.

He had was laughing at me in a mean way as in to say, "Ha! I gotcha!"  Then he disappeared as suddenly as he had arrived, leaving me with a disturbed feeling.

Following this experience, I told my friend who was living in the house about what had happened and she then told me that I had seen her ghost.  I had described his features perfectly.  I had no previous knowledge of her home being haunted.  Turns out she had seen this man ghost figure several times and that he enjoyed messing with people.  Just my luck!  I never did return to that house and I wonder if that same spector is roaming around that home to this day.

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