People's eyes will get huge if they see you driving this tiny car! A rare 1951 Crosley Super Sport has popped up on Facebook Marketplace, near Cobleskill. It's listed for $12,500.

The listing says the vehicle's been in the family for 71 years and was purchased as a new car.

Equipped with a 747cc engine, 3-speed transmission... Mileage 37,450 and driven less than 1,000 miles since restoration. Spare parts including Braje Speed equipment, new fuel gage sender, stock intake and exhaust manifold, Carter carburetor, many gaskets and miscellaneous.



Crosley was an independent American automobile manufacturer out of Cincinnati, Ohio that operated from 1939 to 1952. They specialized in subcompact cars, all of which are a little weird looking.


The company was started by Powel Crosley, whose company became the world's largest manufacturer of radios. Crosley's success with radios allowed him to branch out into automobile manufacturing, a lifelong interest of his.

Crosley Motors was notable for introducing the first overhead camshaft engine, and the first use of caliper type disc brakes.

Crosley introduced a tiny, door-less sports car model in 1949, called the Hotshot. It was exceptionally light, at just 1,095 lbs, and cost around $849 at the time. The 1951 and 1952 Hotshots were renamed the "Super Sport" and added doors and a fold-down top.

The Hotshot and Super Sport had a strong cult following back in the day, and notable owners included actor Humphrey Bogart, President Eisenhower, Nelson Rockefeller, Culture Club's Boy George, among others.

This is definitely a car you don't see everyday. Check out the gallery below for a closer look:

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