The other day we found out Tina Fey would return to TV in spirit by producing a new NBC sitcom about a woman returning to her roots, but it would seem FOX has done the '30 Rock' creator and star one better. The network has given another collegiate comedy under Fey's producing watch a straight-to-series order, but will the former 'SNL' writer have any role on the show itself?

Via Deadline, Fey's new offering with fellow '30 Rock' staff Robert Carlock, Matt Hubbard and David Miner will unfold as a multi-camera sitcom that follows life at a women's college after the university decides to admit men for the first time. Hubbard will write the script, with Universal Television and Fey’s "Little Stranger" producing, though Fey herself has no plans to star on the series.

The as-yet-untitled comedy marks the second effort from Fey’s production company, under the four-year development deal signed with Universal last year, and the first to go straight to series. Clearly, FOX chomped at the bit to be in business with Tina Fey, much as the network raced to scoop up Mindy Kaling after her 'Office' exit.

Well, what say you? Are you glad to have Tina Fey's brand of humor back on TV, even if Fey herself only ends up producing the series?

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