More than 7,500 Health care workers at New York State hospitals are getting more money for overtime.

Under a new pilot program, nurses and other critical patient-facing health care professionals and hospital employees at State University of New York hospitals will now earn up to two and a half times overtime instead of the normal one and a half times pay.

7,637 registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, techs, medical assistants, aides, clerks, cleaners, and other patient-facing staff at SUNY Downstate Health & Sciences, Stony Brook University Hospital, and Upstate University Hospital are eligible for the benefit that is retroactive to September 16. The pilot program authorized by Governor Kathy Hochul will run through the end of 2021.

"New York State's health care heroes have worked tirelessly and put their lives on the line throughout this terrible pandemic, and they should be compensated properly for their efforts," Governor Hochul said. "This vital agreement will increase overtime pay for our overworked health care professionals at SUNY hospitals and help to recognize them for their public service. We owe healthcare professionals and hospital employees that kept have kept the doors open an enormous debt of gratitude for their work during this pandemic and this will move New York a small step in the right direction on compensation."

"Our SUNY medical and hospital staff have been on the frontlines bravely battling the COVID crisis since the beginning and still continue their tireless and heroic fight every day for the patients they serve and we must do all we can to retain our workforce," SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras said.

"The additional overtime compensation is most welcome for all of the employees who continue to provide needed services in difficult times and continue to fulfill their commitment to the people of New York," said CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan.

"Bumping up their overtime rate is one small step we can take to reward them for their sacrifice." PEF President Wayne Spence said.

Funding for the overtime pay will be provided from the hospitals' operating revenue.

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