If you love to hike, or are looking to explore more of Central New York, but aren't sure where to look, there's an app for that.

We've been trying to beat the cabin fever brought on by spending so much time at home by exploring Central New York. We were familiar with hikes close to home - like the New Hartford Town Park, and Root Glen at Hamilton College in Clinton - but we wanted to see more, but weren't sure where to look.

That's when we stumbled upon the All Trails app. It's a game changer if you're looking to broaden your horizons.

The app uses your GPS to figure out where you are, and suggests trails and hikes nearby. You can also search by parameters like dog-friendly hikes, or spots that are kid friendly.

Credit: Screenshot/ All Trails app
Credit: Screenshot/ All Trails app

The app will let you know how tough the hike is, how long it is, and even show some photographs. Plus, you can read about the experiences of other hikers to get an idea of current conditions and things to look out for.

It was the All Trails app that helped us find the hike to Pixley Falls, as well as the Black River Canal Trail that runs along the old canal. There are still several we can't wait to explore - both nearby, like the Utica Marsh, and a little further out, like more of the BREIA trails.

The app is free, although you can pay to upgrade (we're casual hikers, so that hasn't been necessary). You can download the app for iPhone or Android at alltrails.com/mobile.

Where's your favorite place to hike?

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