Residents in Washington County were warned on Thursday about a text message that appears to be from the USPS, but it's really from a deceptive scam artist.  And clicking on it is a bad idea.

The message informs the person about a package that needs to be picked up.

It's fairly enticing, and one that could easily confuse some, but clicking on it is a really bad idea.  In a Facebook post from the Washington County Sheriff's Office, they warn residents NOT TO DO IT!

"Multiple Washington County residents have received a text scam requesting that the person update their information at a provided link. This is a scam that tries to get your personal information. Don’t fall for it."  Washington County Sheriff's Facebook


What happens if you click on the link?

The Washington County Sheriff's provided a link to the United States Postal Service Inspection Services which offered some more intel about this particular type of scam known as "Smishing."

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According to the USPS, "Smishing is a form of phishing that involves a text message or phone number. Victims will typically receive a deceptive text message that is intended to lure the recipient into providing their personal or financial information. "

Once they get your personal information, they can pretty much have access to whatever they want.

Here's what the text message looked like that Washington County Sheriff's are warning about:

Photo: Washington County Sheriff's Department Facebook
Photo: Washington County Sheriff's Department Facebook

For more information and to protect yourself and others from consumer frauds, visit their fraud prevention page:

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