Though ABC classic 'The Wonder Years' has been available to stream on Netflix in recent years, fans of the Fred Savage coming-of-age tale have no doubt noticed something amiss about the reproduction, specifically music replacements of the more iconic tracks included in the show. The series' prolific soundtrack and the expensive cost of licensing those songs had kept an official 'The Wonder Years' DVD on the shelf, but with the rights finally cleared away, the Arnold family will at long last come to home video!

Following its release of similar ABC classic 'China Beach,' StarVista Entertainment / TimeLife will release a DVD rendition of 'The Wonder Years,' free of an alternate recording of Joe Cocker's "With a Little Help from My Friends." The release is expected later this year, with most of its original soundtrack in check, according to

Says the press release:

As it did for China Beach, StarVista Entertainment/Time Life is painstakingly securing the rights for virtually every song in The Wonder Years. From Cocker's theme song, to hundreds of other memorable and classic soul, rock and pop songs, including classics from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison and many others, StarVista /Time Life recognizes the necessity to release the series as it was initially broadcast, un-edited and untouched from original broadcast masters.

We don't yet have word on features, releases or pricing, but those interested in bringing the original 'Wonder Years' home can sign up for updates here. What do you think? Is it long overdue for Daniel Stern's Kevin Arnold voice to make a proper appearance at home? What classic series would you next want to see given a wide DVD release?

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