What's true of many major cities goes double for New York. Us New Yorkers tend to see some pretty strange things out on the streets, oftentimes never batting an eye. The folks at AMC and 'The Walking Dead' put that theory to the test, however, by attacking real Big Apple citizens in a new viral stunt to promote the horror drama's Sunday return!

Basing themselves in Manhattan's Union Square, the folks behind AMC's 'The Walking Dead' spent a night working over one of the city's grates, building a platform beneath for zombified extras to lie in wait. Once hapless New Yorkers passed by the next day, all at once came a horde of walkers bursting through the grate looking for a bite!

Most of the reactions were pretty priceless, and bless the walkers' hearts for ignoring a very young girl who leaned over to fixate on the undead extras beneath the ground. As for the actors themselves, it was a good thing they took to filming on one of the days before snowstorms battered the East Coast. Something tells us the undead would be a bit less scary wearing mittens.

Mind your step the next time you walk to work, and take a look at 'The Walking Dead''s attack on New York City in the video above! Hmm, have to wonder if they've considered setting a spinoff in that part of town...

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