This Friday, July 25th, The Justice league plays tribute to Bob Dylan with "Bringing It All Back Home" at the Oneonta Theatre. The Justice League is known for recreating albums and numbers of classic artists. This time on stage they will be targeting the transition point from folk to rock in Dylan's catalog. The night will start with with a recreation of a night in the recording studio when Bob cut the entire "Another Side" record. Next, the night finishes out with a recreation of the entire "Bringing It All Back Home" record. This record features Dylan's first rock arrangements and many of his best known songs. Listen as The Justice Leagues' Darcy Gibson gives more information.

Below you can learn a little about them watching them rehearse when they opened up for Start Making Sense back in June.

Tickets are $10 and they can be purchased at the door or at local ticket outlets. For more details see the Oneonta Theatre Website.

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