Music has missed the good-natured fun of the Darkness, but thankfully the band is back with their own brand of rock ‘n’ roll. The group has always had a sense of humor about their music, and it serves them well once again in the video for ‘Everybody Have a Good Time.’

The clip opens inside the offices of Rock Hard Financial, where the underachieving staff is trying to figure out how to make a profit when an underling finally speaks up. After his first year with the company, he has a surprise. He pulls out his mini-boombox, turns on the Darkness’ new song, “Everybody Have a Good Time,’ and a lingerie-clad person in a bear suit enters doing a striptease to the disapproving audience.

However, this is no ordinary bear. Realizing the act isn’t going over, the bear notices the financial equation on the board and solves it, leading to an influx of income for Rock Hard. But while you would think they would be thankful, the corporate big wigs chain the bear to the basement, making it a slave to the profit while they all celebrate the windfall.

We finally get to see the Darkness about midway into the clip when they turn up as the talent at a corporate party. The bigwigs invite the band back to see their bear, and while they’re gloating, the band members can’t help but see the bear isn’t having any fun and decide to free it.

What ensues is a gunfight in which Justin Hawkins escapes with the bear while the remaining members aren’t so lucky, heading off to heaven after Rock Hard’s CEO guns them down. As the credits roll (with some hilarity), we see Hawkins and the bear sharing some romantic moments.

‘Everybody Have a Good Time’ features on the band’s latest album, ‘Hot Cakes.’

Watch the Darkness’ ‘Everybody Have a Good Time’ Video

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