It's hard to get up in arms about remakes, considering how many of them there are, but the period between originals and new versions is getting shorter and shorter. Case in point: 'The Butterfly Effect.' This 2004 film is the latest to get a remake -- though it's being called a reboot, partly because the original inspired two direct-to-video sequels.

Currently the film is in development at New Line, according to Variety, with original co-writer co-director Eric Bress on board to pen the new version. The original starred Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart, and was a small victory for New Line as it was made for relatively little money and grossed nearly a hundred million worldwide.

Though old Hollywood was no stranger to recycling ('The Maltese Falcon' was filmed twice before John Huston made the definitive version), the speed to which any hit film is either sequelized or remade continues to speed up. Granted, 'The Amazing Spider-Man' set the land speed record in terms of rebooting, but we're seeing films that aren't yet a decade old get redone. The good news in this case is that they're not that far along in the development process, so the soonest it would be readied is for the tenth anniversary of the release of the original 'Butterfly Effect' in 2014.

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