The Big Game is coming on February 3rd and millions of Americans will be watching either for the love of football or for some other reason.  No matter why you find yourself tuning in, here are my suggestions on how to enjoy the experience so much more!

The 5 Best Ways To Enjoy A Super Game Day...

1.  There must be lots of greasy and salty food to enjoy so please, keep the vegetables to yourself!  This is NOT a day of being health conscious!

2.   All beverages must be ICE COLD!  Why not serve them in a bucket of snow? We’ve got plenty of that around here.

3.  Sports wear is the required uniform, even if you couldn’t give a hoot about sports and are just watching the big game because it’s an excuse to pig out.  At least you’ll be comfortable!

4.  Do NOT invite your aging parents over to watch the game.  Not only will you be tending to their comforts the whole time but you’ll also have to worry about them getting home safely after the game.

5.  The half time show is a great excuse to have a dance party in your living room.  Crank it up!

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