Graduation, at any level and at age of life is a special moment, a memory that will be cherished and remembered for the rest of the graduate's life.

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While organizing some bins in my garage recently, I ran across my high school and college diplomas and my mind started to wander back to both of my graduations.

My high school graduation was an absolute whirlwind because I doubled up on my courses my junior year and high tailed it out of there a year early, leaving my childhood friends behind which didn't make them too happy. But, although they felt like I was abandoning them, they still took the time to get a thoughtful gift for me, one that I still proudly display in my bookcase.

My friends gifted me with a hardcover copy of the book, "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss. In it, they wrote really touching notes about where they thought life would take me. 23 years later, when I find myself missing my childhood friends, I will pull out the book and read their sweet words.

My parents and grandparents were in attendance when I graduated from college and I will never forget the gift my grandparents gave me. It was the most beautiful gold and aquamarine cross, My grandma helped me put it on over my graduation gown just before the ceremony. I remember running my fingers over it though the entirety of the ceremony thinking how lucky I was to have something so beautiful However, somewhere, in the midst of the chaos between the end of the ceremony and meeting back up with my parents and grandparents, my necklace fell off. A small crowed helped to look for it, but it was never to be found and I've been sad about it since.

If there's a graduate in your life and you want to make sure that your gift stands out and is one that is not only thoughtful, but something the graduate will remember for a lifetime, check out these gift ideas.

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