Wilber Park

Remembering Metal Slide Fun
This big metal slide probably looks quite familiar to most of you. Growing up with metal slides was a double dog dare on a hot, sunny day since it would be hot enough to probably fry an egg on, but boy was it fast!
Sign Your Kids Up For Oneonta Summer Rec [Audio]
Can you believe that summer is almost here?  Where did the time go?  Kids will be out of school in just a couple of weeks, looking for fun activities and guess what?  There are plenty of FREE activities for kids in Oneonta thanks to the Oneonta Recreation Department.
Free Ice Cream? Are You Kidding?! [Audio]
I don't know about you but who can turn down free ice cream?  Not me!  I definitely recommend gathering the family and checking out a good old fashioned Ice cream Social June 3rd, 1pm to 5pm in the upper level of Wilber Park, Oneonta.   It’s being put on by Oneont…